The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"In two words, Sir? Hope and cooperation. Hope to show us that it is worth staying here - that freedom, even if accompanied by terror, persecution, and even death isn't better than staying here. Cooperation gives us that hope - show us that you're working with us, talking to us, and not just delivering orders."
> He flatly stares at you.
> "Cadance, has it possibly slipped your mind that you are a slave?"
> You're on thin ice, that tone says.
"No, Master."
> Submissively dipping your head, you lay your ears flat and scuff at the carpet with one hoof.
> No matter how much you want to snap that it wasn't remotely possible for you to forget what has been done to you, this is not the time.
> Anger already cost you two blows and very nearly even further punishment.
> Despite the frustration that bubbles beneath your coat, now isn't the time to snap back.
> Anonymous controlled his anger; you can at least match him in that respect.
"No, I have not forgotten that I am a slave. But that does not change what I am suggesting: Being a slave does not erase that we want to have hope that our colts and fillies - will have a better future. And their foals too. You can give us that by listening to what we're saying."
> "Hmm."
"Vapor Trail - you remember her? It's the same thing. She's afraid that her foal has nothing to look forward to but following orders under the threat of the lash for their entire life. Showing that you are willing to move would go a long way to reducing that."
> "And what about what I have been giving you? What about putting ponies into the guard, instead of just hiring more that would look at you as merely slaves?"
"They - they see that, Master."
> Grunting, Anonymous' gaze turns back out the window.
> "You'll wear the Goddamn dress, Cadance. One way or another, you'll wear it because the money their investments might bring in will make real opportunities for this place."
"Yes, Master."
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