The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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>>29031659 for later. For now:


> Your coat stands on end, and for the briefest moment you are abundantly thankful for even the tiny but of coverage the outfit gave you.
> ...not that it would stop Catherine from being acutely aware of just how uncomfortable that thought made you, with how adept she'd proven at reading your emotions.
"Ma'am, I..."
> "Oh, dear - my terrible apologies, Cadance. You must have thought I meant I am having them... forced. No, no - you needn't apologies, dear - like I said, I know the awful, awful things some people will do to their ponies."
> Her hand is still on the back of your head.
> Soft, gentle, and only just paused from the affectionate touch that you had not pulled back from.
> She was not having her ponies raped, you were certain, because her eyes sparkled with real warmth and entire demeanor towards you was of someone who was helping calm a pony at a moment when she was most vulnerable.
> Not having them held down and entered, not reduced to the bruised and battered form that Cotton Cloudy had been when you were lead to her.
> Not that.
> But how many mares, you wonder, would not struggle - because the difference between lifting their tails and presenting and not was to be away from a woman who gave them real affection and care when others saw them simply as... things?
> Because the implied 'if' was worse than the real 'is'.
> How many stallions would she be able to find who could blind themselves to what they were doing, if it meant they had to do no more than little tasks and rutting the mares they were directed towards?
> Swallowing - hard - you dip your head to pull from her touch at last.
> Gather enough willpower to keep your voice calm, keep the emotions running wild within you out of it.
"Forigve me, Ma'am. I did misunderstand. But.. in truth, my Master hasn't considered having me... bred."
> "Oh? Really? Why on Earth not?"
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