The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Quickly you busy yourself with preening preening Flurry Heart - the filly automatically extending a wing to let you nibble at the downy sheets of feathers covering it.
> The chance to go back to an old, familiar comfort with your long-lost daughter is a gift in its own right, but more importantly it also lets you forget who, exactly, you were laying next to.
> ...For that matter, if a chance to be with your daughter hadn't been on the table you'd probably have half a mind to completely snap at your owner.
> Anonymous' actions tonight had left a deep, slow-burning anger in your belly.
> You'd admitted to Gregory that you understood his reasoning, but that didn't mean you agreed with them for one moment.
> He'd dressed you up in an embarrassing outfit, took you out for a trip through the camp with exactly zero warning where everypony could see you - what were you even going to do about Sunburst?! - and left you to fend for yourself among the guests.
> You'd nearly been assaulted - assaulted; what would have happened if he had tried even more?! - and yet still pushed yourself to do everything you could to give him the presentation he had wanted...
> Burying your muzzle amid your daughter's wings, you try and push those thoughts away.
> No point in obsessing over them now; Anonymous that he was obviously inebriated and not thinking clearly.
> At least, you think as you quietly shut the door with a flick of your horn, nopony else would be likely to intrude on his daughter's room.
> This wasn't something you needed word of spreading to other ponies.
> Things were tense enough in the camp already.
> ...and that brings your mind back to the message that had been carved into your desk, down in the town hall.
> Sighing softly, you pull yourself closer - twisting your head to lay an ear against Flurry's side.
> Listening to the little pit-pat of beats is calming.
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