The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You can't tell her everything that is troubling you.
> Not now.
> Not to someone so young.
> But that doesn't mean you can't give her some idea of what troubles you.
"...I was - away from my daughter - my family - for so long. And then I found out she was hurt, and it was my fault, and I still can't have her by my side..."
> "But - you're here now..."
> Nodding fractionally, you lean your head back against Megan.
"I am. But this is special, and only because Anonymous let me. Normally... I'm still under a punishment, and can't see her often."
> "Oh..."
"I know it is a punishment I earned, but still... it hurts. A lot. To be away from the only family I can still find."
> Megan nods, a gesture felt rather than seen, and you quietly remember that she, too, is away from part of her family.
> Smiling softly, you nuzzle back into her shoulder and blow a soft puff of breath through her hair.
"Especially -"
> You pause, hesitating.
"I know her old owners were bad people, that I couldn't have stopped what they did. But it feels like a little bit my fault too. That she was hurt then. That I couldn't be there for her. That I lost my Flurry for years, and now can't even be here to make up for anything too..."
> Leaning forward again to nuzzle Flurry, you add:
"And I know that if I had any hope of seeing her again, I would not have earned that punishment. That much is my doing."
> Not, you insist to yourself, because it would have changed for a moment how you felt about slavery.
> But the truth you must force yourself to admit is that if you'd known about Flurry's purchase, if that threat had been leveled against you earlier, you would never have gone ahead with the escape.
> Not if you'd known...
> "How'd it happen?"
> "How'd you get - uh, not with your family?"
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