The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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(And many more similar)

> Staring down into the glass and watching the ripples bouncing from its sides, you swallow the lump in your throat and summon the courage for the next words.
> Mere exhaustion was not the only reason you'd requested this drink.
"Anonymous - what am I to you? Please, give me the absolute truth - am I really your partner? Or - if not, what am I? Just property? Something to be used? Where do we actually stand, with each other?"
> He doesn't respond immediately, and in another time that might have frightened you - brought on the expectation that you'd somehow displeased him and a punishment is forthcoming.
> But after this evening...
"I have to know. What I should expect -"
> You search for the right word.
"- us to be. If I'm just being rewarded because it benefits you, or because we're real partners in this?"
> Anonymous takes another sip of his glass.
> "'ve suddenly discovered a bit of a fight. Maybe I shouldn't have given you alcohol after all."
> He doesn't move to take it from you, though.
"Frankly, Master, this doesn't have anything to do with that. I might be a bit more cautious asking this, but it'd still be on my mind."
> Another stretch of pointed silence drives you to go on:
"It's - I just want to know. Am I just a tool, or am I really a partner here? Am I even a pony - a person - in your eyes? Or am I just a thing for generating money? Was I lying to them twice back there - once when I showed them a broken pet, and once when I told them I was an independent partner?"
> Still nothing, and a bit of real anger does flicker into existence in the back of your mind.
> If he was really that hesitant-
> "I don't know."
> That answer, and the tone it is delivered with, catch you by surprise.
> He hadn't been ignoring your pleas, but ruminating on them.
> And his answer was that he-
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