The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Vapor Trail frowns, muzzle turning down to face the ground.
> "We don't have much here. Family really matters."
"Exactly why I'm concerned."
> At some point, you realize, both of you had begun to walk - or more accurately, Vapor Trail had begun to walk and you had begun to follow.
"Heading in for breakfast?"
> "Yes. Before I have to head off to... work."
"I'll join you. Been up for a while already, but I could use some breakfast."
> Vapor Trail's eyebrows rise.
> "Don't you normally come to breakfast?"
"Sometimes. A lot of the time I'm - busy."
> A frown touches her face.
> "That's... not good. I mean, I know you're a good pony - you really tried to help me. But not everypony else does..."
> Head hanging and tail flicking nervously, you sigh.
"Yeah. I'm trying real hard not to be 'the bad stallion', you know? That's not what I signed up for this to do, but..."
> "I get it. Cadance asked you to?"
> Your head snaps up again.
"How'd you guess?"
> Smiling softly, Vapor Trail shrugs.
> "She convinced me too. Sat me down one night and explained why it wouldn't be so bad for me to stay here w-with the foal."
> Again you nod, and wish you hadn't heard the little stutter in her voice or the way she had looked away from you when it came.
> Vapor Trail is hiding something.
> She doesn't trust you, and for some reason that makes your chest ache in a way you'd long forgotten.
"Yes. She... explained it to me too. But I wasn't counting on Rumble cutting me off."
> "Maybe..."
> Chewing on her cheek, Vapor Trail pauses.
> "Would you want me to talk to him...?"
> It's a tempting offer.
> ...given how upset Rumble seems, you're not sure you want to put her around him, though.
> The last thing you need is him recruiting more poor ponies into escape plans, especially right after Cadance put in all that work to keep Vapor Trail from fleeing.
"I'll think about it, alright? I'm going to try and talk to him myself before I ask you to fly into this mess."
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