The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Bon Bon, you decide, could wait.
> She was far less likely to leap to make some rash, impulsive choice; her actions had been wrong, yes, but also careful and deliberate.
> Rumble, though...
> You snort softly, reminding yourself that you were once that age as well:
> An aggressive, bucking colt ready to snap at the slightest provocation.
> ...and what a provocation this had been, to apparently reduce half the camp's population to a similar state.
> When the buzzer goes for the end of the dinner cycle, you are waiting near the dining hall nearest to his work - hidden in a nearby doorway from the worst of the winter's bite.
> Ponies are streaming out, a torrent of exhausted and lined faces bundled against the chill.
> Your eyes sweep over them, searching back and forth until-
> There!
> The crowd parts to let you through, your face recognized even without the telltale uniform.
> Rumble walks with four other ponies - two colts, two fillies, all roughly the same age.
> They chat and laugh among themselves, faces clearly showing their tiredness yet still buoyed by their youthful spirit.
> One of the others is first to spot you; she nudges Rumble, pointing with a wing.
> He nods, apparently saying goodbye before splitting from them to approach you.
> "...hey, bro."
> Abruptly your composure cracks; you lean down and nuzzle Rumble.
> "Ack! Hey, bro! Not in public!"
> Rumble backs off, but there's laughter in his voice.
"Sorry, but embarrassing little brothers is a big brother's duty."
> Ruffling his mane a bit more, you step back.
"Come on. You got some free time before lights-out and curfew?"
> "A bit, I guess."
> You put on a small grin.
"Then come on. I miss my little bro."
> He smiles back, and your own smile turns genuine rather than enforced.
> Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.
> The walk back to his room - by unspoken decision, his had been chosen - was silent.
> Mostly because yours was so far away.
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