The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"I think..."
> You sigh softly.
"...I'm sorry, Your Highness. It's not really appropriate, but... I think you need to speak to him. I did the same with my brother right up until this made me worry that he'd done something stupid too."
> "Had he?"
"No, thank Celestia. But don't let it go that far. Don't wait until he feels neglected."
> Cadance eyes you quietly, and for a moment you fear that the suggestion has gone too far.
> But then she sighs.
> "You are right. I should have done this some time ago."
"I can go with you, if you like. Not... as this."
> You lift a hoof to gesture to your uniform.
"But as somepony who's afraid of what will happen if things go on like this. Someone who... stood up there on that stage and suffered the same punishment he did, so he can know I'm not just blowing him off."
> If Cadance is hurt by your reminder of what she'd done to the two of you, it doesn't show.
> Maybe she is mollified by the reminder that the very same thing had been done to her.
> ...or maybe she is just already hurting so badly that no more can be added to it.
> "Thank you. I - think that'd be a good idea. He looks up to me, but having a pony he doesn't know there will be good."
"You're welcome. Should I approach him?"
> "I think that'd be best. You can take your uniform off, but I'm always an alicorn."
> Something in her tone makes you suspect there are times where she dearly wishes she was somepony else.
> Beyond merely just not a leader, but not even the same pony she is now.
> You aren't sure how to feel about that.
> Sympathetic, yes; nopony should have to bear the weight she does now.
> But also scared.
> If she was cracking under the strain of her position... who else could hold it?
"I'll do that then, Your Highness."
> You're halfway turned out when she speaks up again, in a low voice.
> "Thunderlane?"
"Your Highness?"
> Cadance has turned too, looking out the window.
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