The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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2017-01-19 04:23:43 No. 29298010
About CYOA.

Assure Sunburst that lack of interaction between him and Caddy wasn't her trying to punish him, but an unfortunate effect of additional workload.

After that, wearily ask what exactly does he mean by 'prepared something bigger'.
We cant afford any stunts, not now when things finally start to slowly get better.
If this 'something bigger' he prepared could jeopardize upswing slaves have now, either shut it down before Anon gets a hear of it or make them put it on hold, shelf the idea for when things get bad and we have no other option.

Do not arrest Sunburst or any other ponies involved, we managed to get a hold on it before it blew up.
Planing a crime isnt the same as committing a crime, so it shouldnt be treated with the same punishment.

>Explain it wasnt a punishment
>Hear his plan
>Shut it down/put on hold
>DO NOT arrest anyone, but monitor them closely.
Again, things are on the upswing, lets now blow it. Just wait and see where it goes.
They can afford to wait.

!F9CBa509ak 2017-01-20 09:48:52 No. 29308475

> Every word is chosen carefully, picked with the delicateness of a chess-master playing a world tournament.
"...nothing I've ever done has been meant to punish you. It was my mistake entirely to not come to you sooner."
> How much more true it is now - if you hadn't been so weak, hadn't allowed your fear to drive you away from him, it would never have gotten to this point.
> But it had, and now a bomb had just been dropped into your hooves with the fuse lit.
"I wish I'd been a better friend for you, Sunburst, but this wasn't your fault."
> "Yes. Um, well. I..."
> It's his turn to look abashed, rubbing at the tuft of hair hanging from his chin.
> "I didn't exactly help either. I just assumed you meant to punish me."
"Nothing could be more wrong."
> Putting a hoof on his shoulder, you shake your head.
"What I had to do to you... hurt me, Sunburst. I mean it. It's why I took lashes as well - I couldn't stand myself if I did that to you and didn't take something similar."
> His smile spreads again, becoming warmer.
> "Yes. Um, okay then. Well-"
"But, Sunburst. I... I hope you'll understand then - I don't need you to plan anything big to win my approval. In fact..."
> Please, don't let him break down.
" fact, I don't need you to plan any big acts of resistance."
> "O-Oh."
> The look of absolute despair on his face threatens to close your throat.
> "I'm sorry. I should've - should've figured you would have your own plans. I mean, now that you have a pony on the inside with the guards and all..."
"It's not that, Sunburst. There isn't any big plan right now."
> He stares up in, seemingly barely able to understand what you're suggesting.
> "We're not planning another big escape, Sunburst."
> Thunderlane sighs, settling down on his haunches and looking towards a wall as if wishing he could appear a window into it to look out.
> "That was tried. It didn't work out too well... got a lot of ponies hurt."
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