The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"...okay, look. I realize you're not on duty, but this is pretty serious. If you could come in and just help me take a look around-"
> "Yeah."
> She sighs, seeming to realize you weren't going to let this go so easily.
> "Alright, we can do a sweep around."
"Thank you."
> Stepping back inside - into the warmth - you shiver as you realize just how frigid it had been outside.
> Giving you a sympathetic look, Lana frowns.
> "You don't have a coat?"
"I do. Just - not with me. We pegasi aren't too upset by the cold, though."
> Your nose twitches as you glance over towards her - that perfume was strong!
> "Hmm. So, what exactly did you see?"
"One pony - couldn't see what tribe, although they fled on hoof so it's probably not a pegasus. I was wondering if it was our missing unicorn perp from the break-ins-"
> Perp?
> You really were becoming familiar with their slang.
"-but I didn't get a chance to see what they were doing."
> "So, just take a quick sweep around and check for anything obvious?"
"Yes. Any signs of attempted break-in, anything out of place, that sort of thing."
> "Best to do the rooms facing the outside, then."
> Moving down the hall, you begin to sweep the outer rooms.
> Windows are few and far between, mostly mounted higher up; the wire reinforcing in them casts strange patterns in the light filtering through.
> While much of the camp was cast in darkness during the late-night hours, the security station was always lit by streetlamps.
> Tile floors, empty desks, racks of files and gently flashing computer carts - all are cast in a pale, patterned glow.
> On the third room, Lana speaks up again.
> "They'd have to be a complete idiot to try and break into the security office."
"I wouldn't actually be that surprised."
> Glancing over, you notice that she's begun to sweat.
> It might just be the heavy coat, but...
"Are you alright?"
> "Yeah, just... nervous."
"Nervous? Do I worry you that much?"
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