The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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!F9CBa509ak 2017-01-27 10:01:23 No. 29355452
So, ultimately the decision came out to 'set up a point for ponies to submit their ideas', so I'm rolling with that. I'll also thin down the top-three ideas and do a bit more refinement of their positives and negatives before re-presenting that choice.

"I've decided I can't make this choice on my own. I know he gave me authority over the money, but the reality is I can't do that. Not - as a leader."
> And that was what he'd wanted you to be.
> Now, more than ever, it seemed you needed to give your ponies some measure of choice - some way to express themselves.
"Tell him we'll make use of this idea to allow submissions on how to use the money. Then hold a vote, and I'll bring the winning idea to him."
> "O-Oh. Okay."
"You'll still have a place in this, of course - somepony will have to sort through them initially. And, in fact, there's one other thing I'd like you to do..."
> ...
> In fact, you decide to have this done the very next day.
> Cardboard boxes with a slit cut in the top weren't exactly fancy or permanent, but they could be made in a hurry - even faster, now that Anonymous no longer had you taking the magic suppressants.
> Standing up amid the next day's dinner break, you tap the microphone twice to produce a loud popping through the camp's PA system.
> Although you couldn't be at all the dining halls, you'd decided to take the largest one and let your voice be carried to the others.
"Good evening, everypony. If I can have everypony's attention for a moment, I have an important announcement to make."
> Discussion quickly begins to die down, heads and ears turning to look up at the podium at which you stood.
"Thank you. Now, I think we have all been aware that as of late there has been an - outbreak, of violent acts in this camp. Of anger boiling over, and words of protest turning to insults and words of spite. A great many of this relates to certain - acts I was ordered to put on during an event Anonymous held-"
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