The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Well, we've sorted out all the submissions that were meaningless or... pointlessly antagonistic, put the remainder to a vote, and put the rest to a series of votes."
> Anonymous nods, though one eyebrow rises.
> "Pointlessly antagonistic?"
"Yes, Master."
> "Were there that many?"
> Please don't ask what was in them...
> It's the last thing you need.
> "Hmm. well."
> Shrugging, Anonymous lets off a small chuckle.
> "Suppose there were bound to be a few who don't like me. Not a concern; let them vent. Long as nothing serious happens I don't care."
> A small relief.
"With that done, we've resolved everything down to a top few responses."
> "Alright. Hit me."
> You pass the slip-laden envelope to Anonymous and he pops it open -- working through each in turn.
> "New housing... well, that was in the cards already if expansion was going to happen. You're probably going to want to hold on that one. Expand the general store's stock... that's a doable one, though you'll have to tell me exactly what you want..."
> You glance askew as he works, taking peeks at the expressions of the two other ponies who'd joined you for this.
> Mocha Cream was as much here as Anonymous' servant, but truthfully you were glad to have her part in this as well.
> Mayor Mare, on the other hand, seemed decidedly nervous.
> She hadn't had as many direct dealings with Anonymous, but her administrative skills practically demanded she be a part of this.
> Rumble had preemptively bowed out of joining you - accurately (and to your private relief) admitting that being in Anonymous' presence wouldn't be good for him.
> "A party?"
"Finding a proper date might be appropriate, but a celebration of some kind to help ponies... let go of everything for a while."
> "Noted."
> Flipping to the next card, both Anonymous' eyebrows shoot up.
> "Well now, Cadance, I didn't expect this one."
> Flipping the slip around to show you, he tilts his head.
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