The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"...I think some additional patrols would be a good idea, but I don't want to push on anypony until we have proof. We start acting like that, everything they said about us being Anonymous' attack dogs will be true."
> "Good."
"But at the very least, we should be staking out the security building. I almost caught somepony sneaking around in there a couple nights ago."
> Seismic's eyes widen noticeably.
> " 'round the security building? Y'see who it was?"
"Not a unicorn, that's for sure. But beyond that... no. Couldn't figure out what they were doing either."
> "Hmm."
"You think it'll work?"
> "I really don't know."
"Well, it's worth a try at least. Right now, it's the only lead we really have."
> ...
"I swear it wasn't a unicorn Seismic."
> "Hrmm."
"And even if it was, unicorn's aren't just telepathic."
> "Mmmm."
"And I really doubt we could have-"
> "I didn't say anything, Thunderlane."
> Shuffling in the jacket and leg-warmers that represented a desperate attempt to keep the cold at bay, you hunker back down under the window and glare out over the square in front of the security building.
"Sorry, I'm just... I swear I saw somepony sneaking around here. Since we didn't find any evidence, I was sure they'd be back."
> "Doesn't always happen the way you like it."
"Yeah, but I've gotta have something for two weeks of standing out in the freezing cold while I ought to be in bed, nice and warm under the covers..."
> Hissing softly as he shifts himself around to try and keep blood from being cut off to his legs, Seismic settles down into a new position and lays his eyes out.
> "Anonymous ain't judging us on how many ponies we bring in, an' I don' think the Princess is either."
"I'm judging me, though."
> "Hmm."
> Seismic goes back to watching, but you can see something is still bothering him - his ears flick, and occasionally his tail twitches with a burst of nervous energy.
"...go ahead, Seismic. Tell me up front, I want to know."
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