The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"...I'm glad you see things that way."
> Celestia had taught you that a lie was a damaging thing.
> But sometimes, when there was no other recourse, they were necessary.
> One tool in the repertoire of a successful leader - to be used sparingly, but not rejected altogether.
> Merely held in reserve for the moments when such tools would be necessary.
> And the more you consider the way Haute Glamour is watching you, the more you realize this might be the time to marshal every drop of politicking skill you have.
> This pony was not merely out for herself, but outright dangerous to you.
> Because despite her promise not to 'shake the throne', you highly doubted she would hesitate to sell you out if it came to that.
> Quickly you run through what you know of her owner.
> Randall Cooper, a business adviser and manager - you'd only seen him with two ponies now, Posey and now Glamour.
> The former seemed to be his personal assistant and guide, the one he sent for little tasks; the latter...
> Adviser herself?
> Spy?
> Was she something like a partner to him, as you were with Anonymous?
> You weren't sure.
> The more you think on it, the more you realize you need to talk to Posey.
> Glamour was not trustworthy, and Randall himself you would have to figure out on your own.
> But Posey could help you.
"With any luck, we will be able to get this done quickly, and with a minimum of friction or distractions."
> Was that too blunt?
> Glamour had seen through your act for the sake of the meeting.
> Would she see through this?
> If she does, she shows no sign of it.
> "And I think, then, that we can both agree there is no need to... excessively bring either of them into this."
> Anonymous and Randall, you presume she means.
"I thought that was the entire purpose of your being here - to ensure that they do not have to become involved.
> Glamour only cracks a small grin, and you nod in understanding.
> Another test.
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