The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"I can't keep track of her all the time. Where at all possible, I need you to keep her bottled up in the manor with little tasks."
> Anonymous grimaces a the thought.
> "I'll ask Randall about that. It'll be tricky, though - being out there is technically supposed to be her job."
"And whenever we have something to do together, she's perfectly welcome to do it."
> "Alright. What else?"
"When she is out in the camp working with me, I need her under my authority. As if she was one of your own."
> This draws an even-deeper frown from Anonymous, and you shake your head.
"It's not a dominance spat, Anonymous. Trust me on that."
> "That's not what I'm concerned about. The problem is you can't really punish her, because despite 'as ifs' she isn't one of mine and there are laws about injuring other people's ponies."
> You have to restrain a roll of your eyes.
> Of course there'd be something to protect ponies as property, but nothing to protect them just for being living, thinking beings.
> "You'd have to report her to Randall... unless you can prove that she is immediately causing measurable injury to me or my property."
"If she's really got a grip as tight on Randall as she said she does, that's a joke."
> "It's your only option. I'm sorry."
> Huffing through your nostrils and tails flicking, you nod.
"It'll have to do..."
> "I'll try something extra, though. Feeling out Randall a bit, seeing how much he knows about what's going on with his slaves..."
> The slightest touch of a smile graces your lips.
> That he instantly accepted your word without asking for time or proof was a statement on how much he trusted you.
> A moment later that thought sours as Haute Glamour's words come back to you.
> He relied on you because you'd made yourself useful to him.
> Nothing more.
"Okay. I'll deal with it."
> "Good."
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