The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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>>29572026 (and many others agreeing)

> Leaning in, you nuzzle her back - letting the stress flow out of you.
> Enough worrying, enough being alone.
> You need a friend.
> Not a co-worker or comrade.
> Not even a little brother.
> A friend.
"...thank you, Vapor."
> "Don't have to."
> Her breath tickles your ear.
> "It's - what we have to do, looking out for each other. It's how we survive here."
"Still. You're right - I haven't had anypony to just... be comfortable with for way, way too long. And I guess - I guess part of it's being afraid. That what I have to do would get in the way of that..."
> Vapor Trail shifts, slipping her head back to rest over your withers.
> I know. You're balancing a lot."
"It's not just that. What happens if we end up - conflicting? What if I can't tell you something? What if-"
> A wing across your muzzle stops you.
> "You remember in flight camp, how they kept telling us that you can plan and practice a flight until Celestia grows old, but if you never jump off the cloud it's still no good?"
> Chuckling softly, lift your head to brush your nose along her neck.
> "Make the jump, Thunderlane. It'll be okay. Trust me - nopony can be alone forever. I was, when I came here... then you and Cadance took care of me, and-"
> She cuts off, eyes drifting to her belly.
> " yeah. At least let me be here for you."
> The two of you stay that way for a long time, just being comfortable together.
> Despite saying that you and Cadance had 'taken care of' her, you're left with the distinct feeling that Vapor Trail had been lacking somepony close just as much as you had.
> And despite how much Rumble would definitely tease you about it... this felt good.
> "Will you have to be going soon?"
"I... don't know. Not for a little while-"
> Absent the need for any more night stakeouts, you were actually getting a bit of rest at night again.
"-but won't your room-mate be coming back soon?"
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