The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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>, putting Mocha into position as a playing piece was simply too risky.
> She was, in the end, not a veteran player in these games - not like you, Cadance, or Haute.
> And you couldn't put her into that.
> But that didn't mean you couldn't make use of her in this.
> After all, right now it seemed Mocha Cream was the one pony you could trust to never consciously betray you.
"Mocha? There are actually a couple things you could do for me."
> "Master?"
> Looking up with an attentive, focused expression Mocha appeared ready to hang on to every word you spoke.
"First - I need you to keep your ears up and pinned for the chatter from other ponies."
> "Oh. Um. But, some of them don't l-like me very much..."
"The ones that work in the house, I mean. Although, if any in the rest of the camp do talk to you, then listening to them would be good too."
> "Okay, Master."
"Good. Listen carefully for anything about what Haute Glamour - what she is doing, if there's any news about her - signs of trouble, or good things she pulled off."
> Her mouth set into a confident expression and eyes narrowed, Mocha nods her head sharply.
> "I understand!"
"Now, you can report back to me or back to Cadance. Either one of us is good... but we're the only two you talk to this about. And Mocha..."
> Scooping the mare up in your arms, you lift her to face you directly.
> Seated on the same chair as you, she's practically as tall as you are - a rare chance to actually be level with your eyes.
"...don't do anything foolish. You listen, you tell us if there's something important. But you don't go trying to play secret agent."
> "I-I don't think I'd be very good at that, Master."
> Eyes lowered demurely, her previously-determined mask falls apart - revealing a rather more uncertain, but still driven pony hiding behind it.
> "But I'll do everything I can to be the best pony for you!"
"Good girl. Your parents, I think, would actually be proud."
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