The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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!F9CBa509ak 2017-03-17 10:16:23 No. 29690651
"I think that might help, if you feel alright with it Mocha?"
> The noise the mare produces is probably best described as a nervous squeak, but just the same her head bobs in a furious nod.
> "If - if it's help ponies. Um. Understand us - better!"
"I think it would. There's no better way alternative to teaching ponies not to mindlessly hate each other than to show the good that is already being done."
> "Then y-yes. I would. If you would, Rumble?"
> " 'course I can!"
> The colt's enthusiasm makes his dedication clear.
> "Even when I was - y'know, part of the Watch? I was there to help ponies."
> He glances back up to you, looking more determined than you'd seen him since the planning for the escape got underway.
> "If this can help to - I'll do it."
"Good. Thank you, Rumble. Now, if you want to find your brother... well, I think he may have gone-"
> "Actually, uh... maybe - maybe I'll go talk to him later?"
> Gaze slipping between yourself and Mocha Cream, Rumble shuffles nervously.
"...ah. I will be off, then - give the two of you a chance to properly talk between each other."
> "T-Thank you, Miss Cadance."
> And so you do - turning to strut away with a small smile gracing your lips.
> Certainly, you wouldn't stand in the way of those two being friends...
> ...or perhaps, something more?
> Opening your mind to extend a tendril of magic just a moment, you /feel/ for the connection between them.
> What you find almost makes you stumble - saved only by the weeks of education on how a princess must never stumble in public your aunt had insisted on.
> Their bond is ethereal, nebulous, still-shifting.
> Interest, care for each other, certainly - but not romantic, or even lustful.
> If anything, uncertainty; neither was quite sure of how to regard the other yet, anything more than 'friend' still being explored.
> That wasn't what had shocked you, though.
> Instead it had been the roiling tumult just beneath Mocha's surface, a churning sea of intense emotion.
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