The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Crescent... we need to know about the others."
> "Go fuck yourself, Thunderlane."
"Not - not for punishment, Crescent! Because of this - because when we have to go chasing you, ponies get hurt! And soon or later it's going to be more than bruises and bangs. Sooner or later somepony's going to end up dead."
> "Their blood will be on your wings."
> You bite back a snarl; this isn't working.
> Another approach, then.
"Do you think I just meant ponies we were hunting? What about innocents, just scared and caught in the way? What happens if one of your friends lashes out, snaps at a pony - goes too far? What happens if they're angry, looking for some way to vent that?"
> In the silence that follows, the gears turning in Crescent's mind could not be more deafening.
> "We're not... just going after anypony."
"No. But things can change very suddenly. A few hours ago, you were - what? Guessing that there'd be a raid."
> "Had... some guesses. We were looking for a safer place for the stuff. Too late, I guess."
> A little bit of relief for you - reassurance that what you'd done was right.
> If you'd waited any longer to move, they might've vanished even further.
"That's my point. Things move so fast, can you really be sure of how things'll be tomorrow?"
> She can't, but Crescent Moon doesn't say as much.
"We're not going to flog them. We're definitely not going to torture them. I'm just worried about ponies who might be violent. Just - even tell us who to talk to... do that much, I'll fight to reduce your punishment. Get you moved to a lighter sentence."
> This time there is a response - a nervous, jerking shake of her head that sets the chain from her collar jingling again.
> "No. Can't sell out the other groups."
"Even knowing what will-"
> "I'm going to be whipped! I get it! You don't have to remind me!"
> For just a moment fear - real fear, real terror - leaks into her voice.
> If you were a lesser pony, you could use that.
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