The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"For deliberately breaking curfew, we can assign extra shifts and move them to the barracks for a time. I think we should split the ponies out who fight back and those who did not, though; the ones who fought back... can be chained in at night. The ones who did not - just locking the barracks at night should be enough."
> "Noted."
"Beyond that - especially for the young ponies - I want to assign them extra work shifts specifically working on the rec center."
> Anonymous raises an eyebrow questioningly.
> "As a punishment?"
"As a way of teaching that there is a real, tangible reward for working with me. Especially if we put some of their material - the parts that do not advocate violence - will show there's no need to fight."
> "And keep them from wrecking anything, I hope."
"If they do, I think it'll only discourage others from joining them. That museum is popular, Anonymous - if they tear it down in spite, ponies will respond in turn."
> Considering you for a moment, Anonymous nods.
> "No matter what they do, you win. I like that. Good idea."
"That's also why I don't want to punish them for just gathering the material. Note it for future reference, but do not punish now."
> "Like I said, this is still within the boundaries of what I gave you. If you think it works, go with it."
"I will. Also-"
> You hesitate.
> He'd already dismissed it, not once but twice.
> Even so...
"Master, I still think that you need to play - some part of this. If you don't-"
> "Cadance!"
> His voice turns sharp, a finger extended to jab in your direction.
> "We've been over this. No. You don't get to pull me out to play the villain, coming down to inflict my wrath."
"It's not just for me, Master! I know you value our independence, but you can't afford to hold yourself so distant either. Sooner or later, the people you work with are going to start calling you too scared to take a stand either."
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