The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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2017-04-05 08:30:05 No. 29807946
>>29799830 Slaveventure, late to the party
Soooo much green since then! Has it been building up?

> Would we whip Mocha like that if she hit lashed out at someone, even in a panic?
Of course we would; panic and contrition would reduce her lashes but not eliminate them. Mocha might be our favorite pony (close call between her and Flurry, Mocha has the edge), but we do not play favorites. As we told Cadance back then; we would auction Flurry off without a thought if forced to choose between buying food or medical supplies and keeping her. We would put no more thought into whipping Mocha bloody if forced to choose between her and keeping order in our camp.
Tell her that in the unlikely event her hide would feel exactly the same as the next pony, but we would feel much worse about it than with that next pony, because she is special to us.

> Why did we have to be so hard on them?
This did not happen because we enjoy seeing ponies whipped, or not JUST because, we carefully considered it with Cadance and Thunderlane. The next time we have one of those awkward conversations (and we will), lets remember we are thirsty and order a bar cart with our coffee cutie in attendance. She makes a mean cuppa (does tea and booze too), and will be in the room but 'on duty', not expected to participate in the conversation. She will hear first hand why we are so hard (or easy) on them.
For now, just turn the question around and ask "how hard should we have been on them?" She knows there were much harsher options available, like sale or permanent magic restriction, put her on the spot!

!F9CBa509ak 2017-04-07 10:23:33 No. 29821158

"If you did..."
> Your tighten your arms around her, ready for Mocha Cream to bolt as you give your answer.
"Then yes. If you attacked someone or somepony like that out of the blue, not trying to fairly defend yourself... I'd have to. I can't play favorites. If you were just surprised, or actually attacked by someone else first... that's different. That's no crime. But that's not what they did. They went looking for a fight, Mocha, even when warned. If you did that..."
> " would whip me."
"Yes. Nobody is immune, Mocha. I even warned Cadance - if it was a choice between seeing this all collapse and keeping Flurry Heart, I would get sell Flurry off in a heartbeat. You've been a good pony, and if there were any ameliorating circumstances I'd bring it down as far as I could... but I can't just protect you blindly."
> Despite your plainly-stated answer, there's no attempt to flee.
> Mocha stays perfectly in place, seeming to have recognized that making a run would be painful for the both of you.
"It's harsh. I'm not denying that, I know it is. But I have to listen to that cold, logical voice in my head because if I don't... everything falls to pieces.
> "That's why they had to be whipped too?"
"Yes. Because-"
> Because the ponies are your property.
> Because they have to remember who they ultimately obey.
> Because a rebellion sparking now - right on the cusp of your most ambitious plans yet - would ruin any hope of your daughter being able to take over a true success.
"-because it's a powder keg, and they were holding a match to the fuse. Right now... everypony's already tense, and we're only just starting to defuse that."
> Leaning back on the bed, you prop yourself on an elbow.
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