The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"We'll use the portraits. Everypony here was a critical part of Equestria. The rest of it..."
> You glance among the articles, each one a pointed reminder of the very real cost slavery continued to exact from every pony caught in its jaws.
> And you remember the deal you'd been forced to cut with Anonymous to even get this much in.
"...Anonymous will never tolerate anything that would promote actual rebellion. We'll have to leave that out."
> "Yes, Your Highness."
> Quickly Mayor Mare begins filing it away again - papers and cutouts slipping back into the folder, newspapers and the image of Corona and the one of Shining -
"No, leave that."
> "Are you sure, Your Highness?"
> Paused with her hoof on the edge of your husband's image, Mayor Mare cocks her head.
> "There's no need..."
"I will... manage."
> You could do that, couldn't you?
> Summon up enough strength to face his likeness?
> Locking eyes with the rendition of Shining Armor, you're again struck by just how well they had captured his expression - speaking to the boundless spirit you knew he bore, and yet still challenging the viewer to meet it.
> What would he think of you now, you wonder?
> Now that you were without his support you'd relied on so often after taking up your crown.
> Without the love that had buoyed you each night, when he lay with his hooves wrapped around your barrel.
"It goes up."
> Maybe even more.
> Would Anonymous provide a copy of it, if you asked him to?
> To sit on your desk, and remind you of what you should be doing?
> "Yes, Your Highness. What about the rest of these?"
"File them away. Safely, securely - if you can't find space in a lockbox, hide them. Don't let them be destroyed, though - that'd only provoke more anger."
> The smallest of smiles touches the edges of her lips.
> "Of course, Your highness."
> As to the rest of the portraits - those go into a different folder, slipped into your desk.
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