The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Your voice is soft - even if you couldn't help but have this be heard, having happened in a public location, you could try and keep others from hearing you.
"We can't just - say no. Not over something as minor as this."
> The alicorn's head snaps around to fix you with a narrow-eyed glare.
> But before she can speak you go on.
> In retrospect, you wonder how many ponies would have dared to interrupt royalty - and what it said about you that you had.
"That doesn't mean we have to just go along with it. You hand it over, but you go up there and you make sure he knows that he has to give it back. He has to hold his word and give it to use. But we don't start and argument... not now."
> Cadance looks ready to argue with you right here and now, but eventually sighs and bobs her head in a single nod.
> "Okay. I'll - I'll go get to speak to Mayor Mare. Have them... brought up for you."
"Do you still need me, Your Highness?"
> "No, Thunderlane. It'll be alright."
> "Oh. Um, where are you going?"
"To finish my patrol. And then go check in on somepony."
> The medical ward feels subdued; most ponies there go about their business with quiet words and few of them.
> Whether that's just the mood of the place today or has to do with the new arrivals, you aren't sure.
> Crescent Moon has a room to herself, thankfully.
> It keeps anyone else from seeing how she pointedly ignores you when you nudge the door open and call in:
"Crescent? It's Thunderlane. Can I come in?"
> There's no response at first.
> Pushing the door a feather's-width further open yields a soft squeak from its hinges and a tired sigh from Crescent.
> "You're not going to go away if I don't answer, are you."
"You can just say no."
> But she doesn't, finally lifting her head from the pillow it had been buried in to look at you.
> "...yeah, come in."
> You do, being mindful to close the door with a gentle kick.
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