The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Alright. We'll give it a shot. The first time, though, I'll be there. I want to have a chance to talk to this pony before I let him anywhere near my house."
> "Of course!"
> You scowl again at Cadance's instant - and honestly, less than sincere sounding - acquiescence.
"I'm serious, Cadance. If he says anything..."
> This time she seems to sense your concern.
> "Sunburst isn't a dedicated rebel. He's clinging to the only pony here he really knows, and I won't be going anywhere. Letting him see Flurry again will be just another reason for him to behave."
"Then there shouldn't be any issue when he talks to me. Or if someone else sits in on his lessons."
> "Agreed."
> Looking down at the alicorn at your side, you suddenly offer a spontaneous chuckle.
"I think we'll be alright here, Cadance. If this does work out, building bridges across - if you can leverage his opinion, he's got to have... whatever the phrase is, 'street cred? For his role. If they see him working with us..."
> The alicorn makes a face.
> " 'Street cred'?"
"Y'know, like, respect among the-"
> "I know what it means. Isn't that phrase ridiculously out of date, though?"
> You roll your eyes sharply; of course the slave pony who didn't even leave the camp was more up to date on slang than you.
> But you're also grinning still, and reach down to pat her mane.
"...yeah, yeah. You know what I meant."
> "I do, and I think you're right as well. It's like with Rumble: He saw that Mocha was genuinely helping, and he was willing to open his mind and think about what that means."
"I hope so, Cadance..."
> Her mouth half-opens, but no words come out - again, hesitating to bring her thoughts to your attention.
"Speak your mind, Cadance."
> "...Master, when this works - and it will work - I hope you'll see that you can't just rely on us to be... ambassadors for you. You have to come out and make your presence felt as well."
> Snorting gently, you shake your head.
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