The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Rumble... I'm sorry, but I can't say yes. Not because I don't want you to, or trust you to. Hell, you're the kind of pony I want to hear from. But Cadance has been trying to tell me that I should've been more directly involved; I've been brushing her off, but now..."
> You draw a deep, breath, looking down at the beaten body still curled in your arms.
> Mocha is sleeping soundly now, the bandages covering her little ribs rising and falling regularly.
"...God, I should've listened to her. Then it wouldn't have fucking cost Mocha-"
> You cut off, and Rumble only shrugs.
> "Yes, you should have."
> In another time you might've punished him for that kind of insolence.
> But right now your rage is reserved for others - including yourself, who you figure he is right to criticize.
"Whatever it is, they've damn well got my direct involvement now."
> Another hefty sigh as you stroke Mocha's mane back.
"Thank you, Rumble - and I mean it. You're welcome to continue working with Cadance sorting the responses, and if you want I'll find you something to do - something to give you all a voice, because I can tell that matters to you. But this, now - I'm going to deal with this personally."
> "What do you mean?"
> Looking back up at him, you finally finally let him catch a full look at your face - at the ready rage boiling just behind your eyes, only barely held in check.
> Rumble physically recoils back, his pupils shrinking and ears falling.
"First, I'm going to let everyone know this isn't going to go unavenged. Then - we can see about then."
> That expression is held for a moment, before you return your gaze back down to Mocha.
"Besides, she needs you with her. I know you're close, and she doesn't have many... be there for her, Rumble. I'm asking you, not ordering."
> And you had promised her you would stay.
> A necessary lie, but still a lie.
> "I will."
"Thank you."
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