The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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2017-05-12 01:07:43 No. 30069226
If Cadance is talking to Bon-Bon and both of them to Crescent, Thunderlane should go talk to Mellowheart again. We were getting somewhere with her before, but now we can objectively prove inaction only leads to more violence.

!F9CBa509ak 2017-05-12 09:51:14 No. 30072536

"I don't see how we could set up a trap without there being an unreasonable amount of risk to it. If we use Sunburst and what he's really doing is uncovered, it would be the end of us all. Using one of the other house slaves, or somepony else vulnerable... I don't see how we could keep them under watch without exposing our trap as well."
> Besides, Sunburst had other matters to focus on.
> If Haute Glamour really was behind this attack, then you needed to find her vulnerability and take her out now more than ever before.
> And Posey would be the way in to that, if Sunburst could reach her.
> ...the darkest option in your mind, you don't even want to speak of.
> Using Megan as a target would be oh-so-tempting, but she was one of the few you were absolutely loathe to draw into this.
> As innocent as any pony in the camp, far too young to truly understand how cruel and wrong the world she was being brought up in was yet everything you could've hoped for regarding Flurry Heart.
> You could no more use her as a bait in this than you could use your own daughter.
"No - we'll have to lean on what contacts we do have. I'll speak to Bon Bon; she was my subordinate, and it was my mistake to let her go. I have to take direct responsibility for her."
> "In that case, I'd like to go talk to Nurse Mellowheart again. We were already getting somewhere with her before, and she works at the clinic - she might've seen exactly how bad Mocha Cream was when she was brought in."
"Don't take too long. When I'm done with Bon Bon, we should both see Crescent Moon."
> "You think she'll listen to either of us?"
"I don't know. But like Mellowheart, she was wavering before. This might have been the final straw."
> Standing, Thunderlane nods curtly.
> "Got it. I'll be off, then."
"On other thing: If you see Haute Glamour, send her to my office here. Tell your other guards as well."
> "You really think she might be behind this?"
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