The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"I just gave Bon Bon the lecturing of her life for taking justice into her own hooves. We can hardly do the same thing now; focus on confirming Crescent's information first, and then actually detain them."
> 'Detain'.
> It's such a... mild word.
> As if it didn't reflect what was really going to happen - that the ponies who were going to be taken would be condemned to a severe punishment at the very least, and excessive torture at the most.
> You hope Crescent Moon will forgive you if you cannot protect them.
> "I understand, Your Highness."
"Don't go to Anonymous yet - he'll find out eventually, but we need a bit of time to work. To show that we can handle this without him leaping headfirst in. Check if any of them have been in trouble with the guards before, or see if they have solid alibis. Wait for Mellowheart's contact to reach out, and-"
> Cutting yourself off, you shake your head with a hefty sigh.
"I'm sorry. You probably know more about how to carry out a proper investigation than I do."
> "Really, I'm as lost as you are... like trying to fly in a thunderstorm on a moonless night: You catch glimpses of the ground in the lightning, but it's not enough to really know where you're going..."
"An excellent way of putting it."
> Stopping in place, you take one last glance back towards Crescent Moon's place of work.
> Once she'd given you the six names, she'd had to go back to working.
> A fact made somewhat more humiliating by that she'd had to ask you to re-connect the magic limiter on her horn to the wire that would disable it.
> Even the shudder of relief that ran through Crescent as her magic was return - her muscles rippling, like a pony who'd just stood up and stretched after being cramped in a tiny space for too long - only drove more pain into your heart.
> Maybe you could see about getting her sentence reduced as a reward for her cooperation on this.
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