The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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!F9CBa509ak 2017-06-05 07:35:46 No. 30242574

> Have to be careful now, Thunderlane.
> Convincing Anonymous when he's in a mood like this is only mildly less dangerous than flying through a thunderstorm at night.
> One wrong wingbeat, and not only would it get away from you but leave you bruised and aching as well.
"An- Master, give me a chance to work on them. I know they're not going to be cooperative right to start, but if it's me or the whip... and we've already got their names; it's not like they can go anywhere. What's a day or two more waiting?"
> The flat look that Anonymous gives you suggests that he doesn't quite believe they're going to give you anything less than bile and fury.
"Then at least let me be there with you! I - I can offer them an out, when you're -"
> It takes a moment to find the right words.
"- pressing them; they'll see it as better than giving in to you. And, I can-"
> "You can keep me from going berserk on them if they don't give in to me, is what you're really saying."
> Swallowing hard, you look away.
> Anonymous had cut to the heart of the matter, saying everything that you'd been dancing around admitting.
> His hand flexes, curling in and out of a fist several times before he seems to deflate.
> "Alright. You're in, and if they don't crack you can go talk to them on your own time too."
"Thank you, Sir."
> "There's no need for me to let go on them now. This is just an interrogation, after all. There'll be time for a proper sentence to be carried out on them later."
> The way he says that sends an unwelcome prickling through your coat.
> "And for that matter, Thunderlane... if I do start going overboard, step in and stop me. That's an order."
> You hadn't been expecting that command, and it clearly shows in your expression.
> Anonymous shoots you a bitter smirk.
> "Hey, maybe it'll make you a more palatable negotiating partner to them. That's what you want, isn't it?"
> Yes, but not like that.
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