The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Nonetheless you remain silent as he continues the rest of the way down, pausing collect a plastic bucket along the way, consumed by your own thoughts.
> Surprisingly, rather than Autumn Frost he instead turns to the other cell.
> "None of the files say anything about these ponies having family or anyone else close. Maybe that's why they moved together. Either way, we'll heave to break them apart from each other."
"I understand."
> Comet Tail turns out to be an older unicorn stallion with a bright yellow coat - that had unfortunately already become smeared with dirt.
> Compared to your take-down, he must have fought viciously:
> In addition to the heavy restricter on his horn a harsh, tight bridle, muzzle, and bit had been fastened around his face; you could see the furrows in his coat where their straps dug into his flesh.
> Furthermore, his shackles had been used not merely to hobble him but had been attached to the wall bolt with a far-too-short chain, leaving Comet Tail sprawled on his back unable to lower his legs.
> From the moment Anonymous enters Comet Tail keeps his eyes fixed on the man - leaving you relatively unseen.
> His flicking ears, though, betray his awareness of your presence as well.
> "Comet Tail..."
> The bucket Anonymous had collected is set down behind his tail, leaving him unable to see what is in it.
> You can, though, and your blood runs cold at the collection of implements of misery stacked in that bucket.
> He'd promised...
> ...this had to be part of the bluff.
> You had to believe that.
> Squatting down by Comet Tail's side, Anonymous reaches out to brush a few strands of his mane back.
> Comet angrily flicks his muzzle away, but cannot do anything more.
> "You're in a pretty bad spot, aren't you?"
> An angry snort, and the stallion pulls on his chains.
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