The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "You've managed to piss me off in perhaps one of the worst ways possible. Now that you're in here - well, I'm not expecting a sudden rising-up to break you out of here, y'know? After all, it was those ponies who gave you up to me."
> This does provoke a rather angrier snarl; this time, Comet actually tries to heave himself upright in his chains to face Anonymous directly.
> Instead he falls back to the cold concrete floor, air driven from his lungs by the boot Anonymous had planted in his chest.
> You wince, but that wasn't too far... yet.
> Still holding him down, Anonymous leans in - fury dancing in his eyes.
> "You've been given up by everyone, Comet. No other pony here cares about you. None of them came to your rescue when the guards came. They've left you out to hang. You might hate me, but I'm literally your only hope right now."
> For a moment Comet actually seems to be pondering this.
> Then he turns his head and - around the bit - spits against Anonymous' boot.
> "Fu' off."
> Being unable to properly open his mouth distorts his words, but the meaning remains clear.
> "Y'gonna 'orture me, jus' do i'. No games. 'm done."
> Despite the brave face being put on, you can smell the rank fear rolling off the stallion - a bitter, stinging scent that betrays just how terrified he is.
> He knows what happened to Corona.
> He saw the bucket Anonymous brought in, even if not what was in it.
> And he's perfectly aware of what lays in the future for him.
"We don't want to torture you, Comet Tail."
> Head snapping around, Comet fixes you with an equally hateful glare.
> "Y'wan' wha'ever 'elps you, traitor."
> "You should listen to Thunderlane, Comet Tail. He's about the only reason I didn't just walk in here and start in on you."
> Sorting in both anger and disbelief, the stallion swings his head back around to look at Anonymous.
> "Why? M'not goin' t'beg."
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