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2017-06-05 07:56:59 No. 30242756
Let it go on a bit longer, he needs to feel like we're really holding Anon back from fucking him up.

2017-06-05 08:01:03 No. 30242790

Though, Does Thunderlane, or hell any of the other ponies even know that this is a tame torture method compared to what humans can do?

2017-06-06 01:52:49 No. 30245385
>What do we do?
Check on Autumn Frost.

We let Comet Trail feel abandoned for a moment, like he just lost his last chance. At the same time, we put pressure on Autumn Frost to help us save her friend. "We're going to catch Chrysocolla and Windy anyway, Can't you hear what Anons doing to Comet Trail right now?!" Then we storm back, kick Anon out of Comet Trails cell, and make the same pitch again. "Comet Trail, help us save Autumn Frost! We're going to catch Windy and Chrysocolla anyway, do you want her tortured like you just were?"
All this assumes they give a shit about each other in the first place, but they probably do.
And Cadance is already having much better success with Windy Winters, so this is not going much further anyway

>as mentioned above, the threat to Rumble is not a serious one
>it's us playing the head games here, not them

!F9CBa509ak 2017-06-07 10:55:53 No. 30260231

> You stare at Comet Tail, ears laid flat against your skull as if to block out the gurgling screams even having petered out, reduced to gurgling, retching heaves.
"He's drowning!"
> "No."
> Anonymous' tone is bizarrely flat given the struggling stallion trapped beneath him.
> "He just feels like he is because of the cloth. It'll be fine as soon as I let him up."
> That depends very much, you think, on the definition of 'fine'.
> But still you don't move, limbs frozen by Comet Tail's words echoing around your ears.
> Would they attack Rumble - or worse, threaten him to try and escape?
> It wouldn't end well, but they would be just desperate enough...
> Unbidden, your eyes stray from the spectacle to the other bucket Anonymous had brought in.
> Its nightmarish contents are enough to make your stomach twist:
> The thick, heavy whip laid coiled against one wall was the least of it; next to it rested an upright cattle prod, while a small gas torch and several metal handles leaned on the opposite side.
> A powerful shears, its long and heavy arms hinting at the great force that would be used to close its hooked jaws, hung half-over a third side.
> In between them all sat a pair of metal contraptions you didn't even recognize - or particularly want to - but whose spiked arms and screw-tightened hinges were enough to plant plenty of suggestions.
> At last Anonymous sets the bucket down, ripping the rag away and letting a gasping and spluttering Comet Tail catch his breath.
> It takes him a few moments - his eyes initially rolling in wild fear until the sensations of drowning fade.
"Celestia help me..."
> Your muttered oath goes unnoticed.
> You should stop this.
> But...
> Was it any different than when you'd turned over the ringleaders?
> You knew what would happen to them.
> Wasn't your soul already damned by that?
> Protecting Rumble had been enough reason then; wasn't it now?
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