The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Dropping onto your haunches, you belatedly remember the filthy floor was still soaked - not nearly all of the water having gone down the drain.
> "Why?"
"Because I told you the Tartarus-damned truth, Comet Tail! I don't - I don't want you to suffer! Even after you threatened my brother, I really don't!"
> "Why should I-"
> Comet tries to shift, but gives up a second later - gasping in sudden pain at a misjudged movement.
> Instead he settles for rolling his head over to stare at you with bloodshot eyes.
> "-should I care what you want?"
"Because I'm a pony trying to help you!"
> "You're a traitor, just like that whore we kicked up. Just trying to make yourself look good. Save your sorry own rear..."
"...then if you don't think about me, think about the others! Autumn Frost is in the cell right next to yours; do you want her to be tortured too?"
> Comet Tail's reaction is quite unlike hers.
> In contrast to her quiet look of anger, a look of horror and despair creeps over his face.
> "...she'll never talk. She barely talked to us. I, I talk to much. She won't say a word."
"He'll go even harder on her. You think this is bad? I can't be around to stop him forever, Comet. He'll break her. If he's willing to take your horn, he might take her flight! You have to talk - for her sake, if not for yours or mine!"
> Leaping up onto your hooves, you circle around him and kick over the bucket filled with hideous implements of torment - letting them scatter across the floor in full view of the other stallion.
> "All of these - he'll go through every one on her!"
> "If I talk, he'll spare me and cripple her."
"No. You can negotiate. I can negotiate!"
> Laughing an agonized, wheezing noise, Comet Tail shakes his head.
> "You can't force him, and you can't force me."
> A second later, he has stopped laughing - staring with eyes wide at the electrical prod gripped in your jaws.
> "'re bluffing. You said you don't want me to be tortured. You wouldn't."
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