The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Alright, Cadance, I'll make a show. You're still headlining, though. That place is rightly your achievement, and you should be proud of that."
"Don't tell me. Tell everypony there when it happens."
> "Yeah, I guess I should."
> He scratches you around the ears.
> "I'm going to head back to the house, then."
"What for?"
> "Sunburst is going to be coming in for his first lesson with Flurry Heart, and I have to be there. Not only did I tell him I would be, but I could use something to get my mind off of this."
> A pang shoots through your heart at the thought of missing their first new lesson together - let alone the reunion.
> Anonymous notices it too, and cocks his head.
> "...I guess you'd like to be there too."
"Yes, but - I can manage. There will be other lessons, and much has to be done right now."
> "True enough."
> Reaching out, Anonymous strokes his fingers along your cheek one last time.
> "There'll find a chance. You deserve that much, with all you've been doing."

> The orange-coated stallion stirs nervously as you lead him through the manor.
> He was obviously quite apprehensive at being welcomes in, yet his curiosity was getting the better of him:
> Sunburst's head was kept on a swivel, peering at nearly everything that he passed - taking in the relative opulence of your home.
> Saddlebags, swollen with books and a few magical testing apparatus, turned his normally slender and lanky figure into a swollen one that almost seemed unlikely to fit through doorways.
"The rest of the staff have been using Megan's room while she is at school for Flurry's lessons, but you can take the living room if you need more space."
> "I, um. I don't think that'd be a good idea. Not at first. Foals can have surges of magic..."
"I know, but she's far past the age when that normally happens. Though, I suppose those aren't exactly known for alicorn fillies..."
> Head bobbing in agreement, Sunburst puts on a little speed to keep up with you.
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