The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> In the end, nine guards had been assigned to this.
> Six human, and three ponies.
> No chance had been taken; Chrysocolla wasn't going to be escaping this.
> Similarly, the raid was being done in broad daylight - both for speed, and because it wasn't as likely she'd have slipped away.
> The grate Windy Winters claimed she had been slipping in and out through was circled first; true enough, it was very loose.
> You glance up to Gene with a nod.
"We'll go for the storm drain vault. If she isn't there somehow, close it all back up and wait her out."
> "Agreed."
> Leaving three guards behind - two humans and a pony - the rest of you circle around.
> The vault itself has little to show on the surface except for a round metal plate set into the ground - a 'manhole' (how typical of humans to name something arbitrarily after them).
> Next to it, though, is the far larger double sheet metal doors belonging to the utility vault.
> Gene motions to the that second vault:
> "Radio it in - have them shut off the electricity in there."
> Moments later the entire street goes dark, a bizarre silence falling as everypony who had been working comes to a halt.
> "Good. Unlock the storm vault; we'll open that one first.
> One guard kneels to undo the padlock holding it shut while another fits a lever to one of several small holes.
> Then Seismic Shift steps up, taking the lever in his mouth and quickly dragging the entire plate aside with a flick of his neck in a prodigious display of Earth Pony strength.
> Immediately you are at the side of the hole, peering down into it.
> Stretching your neck out over the hole reveals an expansive, shadowed space falls away to three sides of the manhole.
> On the fourth sits the ladder used to enter the storm drain.
> Despite the very limited light falling into the space, you can clearly see small stacks of supplies and materials to either side of the channel meant to carry the water.
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