The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "...alright. But I have to warn you, Megan: These ponies aren't like Flurry Heart, or any of the others you've met yet. They're going to be angry and say some hurting things. You might not get the answer you want."
> "Yeah. But I gotta know."
> "Well, I warned you. Thunderlane, Milestone, are you two up for being part of this?"
> And you'll have to thank him later for not singling you out, even if it's really only you he is asking.
> Milestone, after all, had little question about his readiness.
> "Okay, so: Megan, you get to talk to them. But after that, we're going to have a long talk about going around behind my back, and then figure out what I'm going to do with you."
> Though she'd managed to get what she'd been aiming for, Megan remains subdued.
> "Yes, Daddy..."
> "And when you go in there, I want you to stay well away from them. Listen to Thunderlane and Milestone, you hear?"
> "Uh-huh."
> Still looking very uncertain, Anonymous slumps in place - shoulders sagging.
> He looks to you again, a frown stamped on his features:
> "Keep a close eye on her, okay?"
"...of course."
> "Good. I'll be waiting just outside; you'll never get anything out of them if I'm around."
> After a thoughtful pause, he adds:
> "...or Comet Tail would be too busy trying to rile me up. Either way, I'll be waiting in case something goes wrong."
"Got it. Miss Megan, please follow me."
> Despite her confidence in pulling off the subterfuge to get this far, obvious tension builds in her as you step into the actual cell blocks.
> But neither does she stop - hanging at your side even as you stop in front of the cell holding the first two prisoners.
"Comet Tail and Autumn Frost are in this one, Master. Windy Winters is in the next one over."
> "Start with them, I guess."
> Anonymous had paused on the way here to step into one of the offices, and now clutched a stun-gun in his hand.
> Locks thunk, the door squeals, and the cell opens.
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