The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Yeah, go ahead. If you think it'll help, or just need to vent..."
> You rub the bridge of your nose, sighing.
"Honestly, I just want to get them out of here. I know I promised Cadance some time, and if you or Cadance can get through to them that's fine; I can adjust where they'll be sold. But honestly, Thunderlane? This needs to be done with. One way or another, I need them out of here."
> "...I understand."
> Grimacing, you stand.
"I've got to go get back to work, then. You let me know if you need that time for yourself, okay?"
> Thunderlane seems to relax as well, understanding that you're actually trying to do the best for him.
> "Yeah, I will."
"Thanks. I do appreciate it."
> Leaving the guard building, you at first turn back towards your house - but after a thought, decide to make a detour through the camp.
> Let them try and strike at you; though you weren't a trained fighter or anything like that, you weren't an idiot or a child either.
> And neither were they dumb.
> Even the ponies who hated you the most surely understood that attacking you would only send them to a long, painful death.
> Besides, being seen out in the camp without the overbearing presence of guards might be a good thing.
> Open up some new lines of communication with the ponies, especially after your recent admission regarding Corona.
> Indeed, as you watch them (and they watch you), it's apparent that some are viewing you in a new light.
> Not always a positive one; some looks are distinctly angered.
> But none of those ponies approach you, and for every hateful glare there's another pony who seems to be looking at you with a degree of fresh...
> Respect?
> Acceptance?
> You respond to those with nods or calls of greeting, recognizing their understanding in turn.
> A few you pause to exchange brief words of greeting or discussion, but even then you can feel a sort of enforced distance.
> They're giving you a chance, but not ready to welcome you with open arms.
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