The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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!F9CBa509ak 2017-07-25 06:24:38 No. 30594739

>, you can't tell him.
> Not about this.
> Anonymous may be the most agreeable slaver you've ever met - an oxymoron if there ever was one - but he was not that deeply trusted.
> This very incident being an exact demonstration of why.
> The feelings that drove him may have been understandable, but ponies had just been branded.
> Marked with hot irons for the rest of their lives.
> And you had been made part of it.
> What would happen if something else like this occurred again?
> Would he force you to use your magic to 'correct' them?
> If once, why not again?
> Was there anything keeping him from deciding to hold Flurry Heart's fate over your head unless you made the ponies here truly love him?
> From concluding that your hiding this from him was already enough of a crime to part you from her again?
> A nightmarish vision forces its way into your mind:
> Of an endless line of ponies marching past, your horn flickering and their faces turning to awestruck joy as their minds were filled with true love for their owner.
> Of being made to teach other ponies the spells to nudge minds, a self-propagating wave of slaves forever trapped believing that they love serving with all their heart.
> That they are blessed to be slaves.
> Bile rising, you turn your head away and squeeze your eyes shut.
> No.
> So long as Anonymous had even a drop of belief that what he did was in any way right or just, you could never reveal this to him.
> Never allow him to gain any inkling of the true scale of your power.
> "Cadance?"
"Anonymous... you can not understand. You have, by your own admission, never been a true leader or ruler. And you have never been a slave - never lost control of everything you had, all your subjects you cared for and family who cared for you taken."
> Sinking down to your belly, you let your wings droop out to either side and spread on the floor.
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