The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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!F9CBa509ak 2017-08-06 04:41:40 No. 30675108

> Interrupting the woman's continued speech-
> Closer to a rant, you briefly think.
> -you raise your voice to make yourself heard by both:
"There's something else you might want to consider looking at, if I could interject? An autopsy has already been performed by a medic here; you may want to examine that as well."
> "We will be conducting our own investigation, thank you very much-"
> This woman.
> Had you done something to piss her off already, or was she always like this?
> Judging by the expression of her partner, it seems like the latter.
"Undoubtedly you will be; however, perhaps you would at the very least like to look at it to guide your own examination of the body?"
> "The body isn't buried yet?"
"No. I - was going to soon enough.
> After
> "That would be very much appreciated, yes."
> Thank God for this guy - Weller, he said his name was?
"I'll instruct my medical staff to let you take a look at it. If necessary, I suppose I could pull the one who wrote off for you to speak to as well, though I don't think you'll get much else out of her."
> With any luck they wouldn't have to speak to Mellowheart directly, the report being plenty enough.
> ...with any more like, there'd be nothing in the report to arouse their suspicion.
"As for the rest - I'll make my chief of security and all the other guards who were present when she died available for interview, as well as the reports on the matter."
> "Appreciated. I realize you're probably not to happy to see us, but we're just like to verify all the details and then hopefully be out of your hair too."
> You know, if this guy is the one who is in the lead you might just be able to deal with this.
> Especially if Arlene keeps looking like she just swallowed a mouthful of raw sewage.
"I don't suppose you can tell me where exactly this report came from?"
> "Afraid not, I'm sorry."
"Even if the matter is resolved?"
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