The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> On and on the heavy, meaty thuds go.
> Haute's cries turn from the initial high notes of shock to a regular, keening wail as the pain of her beating sets in.
> And still it goes on, like a marching drumbeat against her hide.
> A familiar leaden, sick feeling begins to grow in your stomach.
> Sympathy, for this pony?
> Who had only moments ago been threatening your daughter?
> Or perhaps it's less that and more fear at the anger that seems to drive Randall's unceasing blows.
> Not even just unceasing, but barely showing signs of slowing down despite Haute having been reduced to little more than sputtered, gasping sobs.
"Randall, stop!"
> Struggling up, you pull free of Anonymous' grip - which he releases with little effort - and lurch forward towards the two.
"Please, Randall, no more!"
> Stopping with his cane raised in mid-swing, Randall's head twists around to face you in that eerie, not-quite-looking-straight-at-you way.
> "Why?"
> Voice reduced to a breathy whisper, his shoulders heave with each heavy breath.
> "She - she lied to me. She hurt my Posey-"
"Because you're angry. You want to hurt her, but - you can't let yourself. It's not justice. Whatever she deserves, a beating in anger isn't it."
> Looking down at Haute - now reduced to a trembling ball of pale coat and crimson mane - you sigh softly:
"Not any more than when I attacked her. I was wrong then, and so is this. Let your anger cool, and then give her just desserts."
> Hand trembling, Randall eventually lets out a sharp breath and drops the cane back to his side.
> You, too, release a breath you hadn't even known you were holding.
> Gaze dropping to Haute, you try to properly compose yourself.
> Her head had barely begun to emerge from beneath the protective cover of her hooves, but she peers back up - emotions rapidly flickering over her face.
> Fear, anger, pain, confusion.
> She truly doesn't know what to make of this situation.
"Haute Glamour..."
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