The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Hissing softly, you shake your head.
"You disgust me. You act so high and righteous, noble defenders of the cause of Equestria."
> "Says the broken dog serving his master!"
> You hold back a sharp bark of bitter laughter.
> How right Autumn is - you are a broken dog.
> But that still does not make her any better.
"You want to know what you were 'fighting?' A fifteen-year-old who was taken from Equestria when she was still a filly. All the memories of Equestria you and I cling to, all the things we fight for - she only had a fraction of. Mocha Cream grew up being trained a slave, she carried out the job she was given in the house because it was all she knew - and you all made her an exile for that 'crime'! Is it any wonder she clung to Anonymous, even if he owned her?"
> Advancing now, your wings begin to creep out from being pinned at your sides towards a full spread.
"But even after that, even after we were cruel enough to treat her as an enemy, she came to us looking to help us. She wasn't stealing our history, she was the one who brought the idea of keeping it open for everypony to see to Anonymous in the first place!"
> "Yeah, where he can keep it cleaned of anything-"
"You will shut up now!"
> Voice dropped to a harsh growl and eyes narrowed to golden slits, you cut an imposing figure.
> Enough that Autumn Frost's mouth snaps shut with an audible click as she shrinks back; despite your claim not to want violence, she clearly fears being struck.
> But striking is not your intention.
> Not with hoof or wing or tooth, anyhow.
"Regardless of what he did, Mocha Cream was the one who spent the bare little free time she had helping us. She argued for our having a place to show it at all. She was the one who was bringing our things back on the very same trip you cornered and damn near killed her on. And you know what? Everypony else here can see it. See just how insane you really are."
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