The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Your tongue seems leaden, throat swollen shut again.
> How could you tell her?
> How could you expose her to this misery?
> Flurry Heart's future was supposed to be one of warmth, kindness, safety, and shelter for all ponies around her.
> Not a harsh existence of regrets for those she could not save.
> Moaning softly, you squeeze your eyes shut and flick your ears down and back - ignoring another panicked call from your daughter.
> "Momma?!"
> Anonymous had said he wanted her to lead another camp eventually.
> Would she face the same horrors you were?
> Again your stomach contorts.
> Even if he waited for her to be grown, a young pony should not have that kind of weight on her back!
> "Momma! What's wrong?!"
> For the briefest moment your eyes flick open - just long enough to see them both looking at you, eyes wide and concerned.
> A brief burst of anger sweeps through you:
> Anger at Anonymous for bringing your daughter into this.
> How dare he?
> What demanded that he destroy a filly's innocence, her belief in her mother?
> He had done this once before - told her you had been a bad pony.
> Preyed on her wholehearted belief that what her Master told her was the absolute, uncorruptible truth.
> And on your visceral need for your daughter's approval.
> Or was this anger at your own inability to admit that you could not explain this?
> That you were blindly flailing in the dark, seeking some way to lead your ponies that did not involve subjecting them to punishments?
"Flurry, I..."
> Suddenly she is there on the bed, right in front of you, rearing up on her hind legs with a few beats of her broad wings to reach for your neck.
> Little hooves slip around your neck and a muzzle buries itself against your shoulders, just below where the collar encircles your throat.
> You want to hug her, but even if your hooves were not shackled together you doubt there is enough strength left in your legs to do so.
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