The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"What I want, Vapor, is to see you happy."
> Another soft kiss, your hoof stroking down along her neck and coming to rest between her wings.
"And what comes along the way of finding that? Well, I'm certainly not going to object."
> "Good. Because if you kept teasing me any longer, I think I might have been the one who ended up mounting you!"
"Oh really? Isn't it the stallion who gets all pent up?"
> Vapor Trail wriggles her hips, grinding them against your barrel.
> "Mares have needs too, featherbrain. And right now this foal is doing strange, strange things to me."
> What happens next is... even more delightful than the kissing had been.
> Vapor Trail is - eager.
> Very eager.
> So are you.
> So eager, in fact, that you find yourself finishing before you even enter her - the literal feather-light teasing with her wings proving to much and a belated warning going unheard.
> Perhaps you were a bit more pent up than you'd realized; a hoof or wing only did so much to relieve that.
> For a moment you fear, cheeks turning red with utter humiliation.
> But those worries are dashed a second later.
> Vapor had never been anything but a supportive friend, and rather than be disappointed she distracts you with kisses and further teasing until you are ready to go again.
> And when you do...
> She has clearly been going through a bit of a drought as well, as she is every bit as eager as you are.
> The foal is... noticeable. a weight in her belly that cannot just be ignored.
> Hardly an impediment to your desire, though.
> That night lasts a long, long time.
> A small eternity of two bodies shared in absolute, passionate intimacy.
> This was something the slavers could never take from you:
> Not the ability to passionately rut like colt and filly in the throes of a powerful estrus - although there was plenty of that going on.
> To be together with someone you care for, to let go of all the weight of the world around you.
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