The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Your trot back to your quarters is dogged by lingering thoughts of what Cadance had talked about.
> Both physically - hooves dragging with each step - and mentally, your thoughts laden with the knowledge of what she had just told you.
> Just a few months ago, your allegiance to Anonymous was purely private and personal.
> A convenient arrangement to spare Rumble the worst cruelties of life as a slave.
> Now, though?
> There wasn't any point pretending anymore.
> This is your job, and Cadance was talking about making it even larger and more important.
> New ranks of guards...
> On the one hoof, you can't help but be relieved that was an option.
> Adding more human guards would only raise the probability that someone eager to take advantage of their position would slip in again.
> But on the other hoof, getting even more ponies to police themselves...
> What you did on your own was one thing.
> You'd long since accepted that choice.
> Turning more ponies to become allies of the slavers, though...
> It was one thing to make your own decisions, and quite another to encourage others to.
> You weren't sure you were comfortable with encouraging ponies follow your own path.
> Finding your way to your quarters, you grab the key hung around your neck, stick it in the lock, turn, and-
> "Surprise!"
> You leap back with wings flared and a surprised (and very unstallionlike) squeal as five voices cry out at once.
"Vapor Trail? Rumble?! Seismic Shift? What are you all doing in my room-"
> Trotting forward, your brother lifts his head to nuzzle against your shoulder.
> "C'mon bro! Don't tell me you've forgotten!"
> Your eyes fall on the tiny cake sitting in the middle of the room's table at the same time that Rumble replies:
> "It's your birthday, you silly featherhead!"
> Birthday.
> Yours.
> It was, wasn't it?
> And you had totally forgotten.
> But not your friends.
> They hadn't let you down.
"You guys, I..."
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