The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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!F9CBa509ak 2017-10-20 10:22:22 No. 31206137
> You were looking to encourage Flurry Heart, not maim her!
> Attempting to question Cadance had been no more reassuring:
> Her own attempts at getting the filly to glide and make short, flapping leaps inside the house had been productive enough, but clear flight still eluded Flurry Heart.
> Questioned about if she had any idea of when flight would come, she shakes her head.
> "She flew... practically from birth. All pegasus foals can kind of hover, but Flurry really flew. Never had trouble like this."
"Are her wings too weak?"
> "They're weak, but not that weak."
> Slumping despondently, Cadance shakes her head - only to perk back up when you start rubbing the muscled valley between her own wings.
> "It's in her head. She's still terrified of flight, on a very basic level. Afraid it'll ruin whatever peace and comfort she has here."
"Do you think... would it help if I were there? I mean, I've told her to go ahead with this, but - if I could be urging her on?"
> "Perhaps, but it's more than that. She's lost the sense of the /flow/ of the magic in the air and won't let herself feel it again. Without that, she won't go far."
"Ideas why?"
> "I don't know."
> Behind those three words, an ocean of pain lurks.
> The voice a mother whose daughter will not explain her own fears to her.
> "She leaps, jumps, and glides inside well enough... but sustained flight?"
> Looking up sharply, Cadance hisses through her teeth.
> "Anonymous, please tell me: When you first... found Flurry Heart, were there any signs she had been beaten? Tormented? Anything at all?"
"No. Neglect, yes - but not deliberate harm. Then again, for a filly... a loud voice and harsh words might've been enough to get into her head."
> Shuddering softly, your alicorn nods.
> "I think she's... terrified something bad will happen to one of us if she flies. Leaping doesn't take her far, but actually flying..."
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