The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Alright, Cadance. I'll come along. Maybe not for their general off-time together - at least not at the beginning - but at the very least I can accompany her around a bit."
> "I know you're busy, but I really think this will help."
"You're probably right."
> Standing again, you look back at the two daughters - human and pony - seated together in the field.
> Now convinced Flurry was unharmed, Megan had sat down cross legged and spread one of the filly's enormous wings across her lap to carefully put her feathers back in place.
> That particular task had been carefully taught by Cadance, now that she was around with her daughter more often, and Megan had taken to it enthusiastically.
"...and actually, there was one thing to do that I was thinking about."
> "Oh?"
"I've yet to actually see what you did with that 'museum'. Now that the initial rush has died down, I would like to. Maybe come with both of them?"
> In contrast to her earlier morose appearance, Cadance breaks into an open and wide smile.
> "I actually think that would be lovely, Anonymous."
"Good. Maybe later today, once the work shift ends and there are a few ponies around to see her."
> ...
> You'll say this for the ponies:
> When they're really motivated to do something, the miracles they work continue to shock you.
> This place isn't just a building to hold the mismatched pictures, trinkets, and tributes to their broken land they've collected.
> The architecture itself is distinctly inhuman:
> Some touches are subtle and almost whimsical considering the nature of the camp.
> Beautifully hoof-carved decorations had been set into the wall, and the wooden floor had been burnished and darkened with some sort of polish after construction was complete.
> Windows had been tinted - sometimes with simple colored paper, and sometimes apparently the glass itself.
> In many places lighting was simple bare bulbs, but in a few old-style lanterns had been cleverly fitted with electric bulbs.
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