The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Your gaze sweeps across the three ponies inside the fence.
> Two of them - including your little brother - manage to look suitably embarrassed by their actions.
> The last...
"All of you, go back home."
> "But Thunder-"
"Go back! I'll talk to you later, Rumble, but not right now."
> Rumble grumbles, then sighs.
> "C'mon, everypony. Let's go back."
> Just in case, you wait until they're nearly out of sight before turning back to Current Tap.
"Sorry about that... I don't know what set them off so badly."
> "It's okay."
> The unicorn shakes his head, rough-cut mane swaying gently.
> "I understand. The little things..."
"Hey - do you know if Transom will come back for you soon? I'd like to talk with him, if there's a chance."
> "No, but I bet I know where he went."
> You glance to the fence.
> Technically, you were only supposed to be walking around its outer perimeter...
> Seeing your hesitation, Seismic Shift smiles and shakes his head.
> "Don't worry, Thunderlane. I'll take the rest of the walk around. See you back at the post later."
"Thanks, Seismic."
> Patting him lightly on the side with a hoof, you then step to Current Tap.
"Okay. Show me?"
> Following him is a strange feeling.
> This wasn't the first time you'd been outside the fence, not at all.
> But just... walking away from it never ceased to feel odd.
> Just keep walking, and you could walk out of sight and over the horizon.
> Fly, even.
> The radio tag hanging around your neck would keep the Detectors from bringing you down.
> Freedom calls, a siren song, but you shut your ears to it.
> The good you could do in the camp is an even louder call.
"So... is it really as bad as you were saying? Nobody respecting him, even though he's free?"
> "Sometimes. He's not starving, but he's not got a lot of money - and he puts a lot of it aside to pay for a lawyer if they try to pin something on him."
> Current Tap sighs.
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