The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Okay, maybe a full-on lecture wasn't necessary.
> But it still would be good to mention this.
"Before we get to anything else, Anonymous, there's something else I want to mention."
> Catching your tone, he swivels in place to cock his head questioningly.
> Shutting the door gently you approach him - not sitting, but remaining standing.
> With him seated, your eyes are just about at the same level.
> You can almost look at him as an equal.
"I am... worried about Mocha Cream. Not about her injuries, but about what is happening in her mind."
> "What about it? You think she's becoming depressed?"
"I think she is doing something very worrisome to avoid becoming depressed. She is... defining herself by what she can do for you. Totally. All she's focused on is being able to serve you again. And..."
> Here would be the critical point.
> This all hinged on whether he cared about her as a living being, a pony, a young mare who had lost foalhood to bondage.
> Or just as property to do his bidding.
"...she is devoted to you, Anonymous; I do not have to be the Princess of Love to see that."
> "I know."
> He looks away, off towards the window - his favorite spot to stare when he doesn't want to face you.
> "She admitted it in the hospital after she was attacked. I thought it was the painkillers loosening her lips a little bit... I don't think she remembers telling me."
"Even if she does not, her feelings haven't changed. And when you tell her to start preparing for - let us be honest - a reasonably intimate activity... she can barely talk about it without locking up and stuttering or stumbling."
> Stepping around, you force yourself back into his line of sight.
"Anonymous. I have to ask... what are your plans for her? How long will you keep this up? Do you intend to give her more, or is this just... stringing her along?"
> He glares, but you hold your ground.
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