The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Keep at Anonymous' side, head raised but not too high.
> Don't hold yourself stiff, that only makes your hoofsteps fall harder.
> Just walk slowly, comfortably, as if this were just another day out and about with Anonymous.
> In theory, it's simple enough.
> In practice, keeping yourself calm demands a fair degree of your focus.
> That Anonymous has to do most of the work - checking in with the security guard and being buzzed in - is something of a relief.
> So far, at least, your disguise is holding.
> A handful of humans and ponies glance up as you enter the building's main lobby, lingering on your too-tall form.
> You can feel their eyes roving over you, but you're hardly the only leggy unicorn out there and none are close enough to realize what the telltale bulges at your sides indicate.
> "Ah, Mr. Anonymous - welcome, welcome!"
> One well-suited man had detached himself from the far wall, and was now striding towards you.
> Though a few other men and women follow close behind him, it's apparent Anonymous is the focus of his attention.
> "Mr. Stedler? Thank you for taking time out of your day for us."
> "I'm afraid Mr. Stedler is upstairs dealing with one final matter beforehand. Come on in though; a few of the others are still showing up so I'll take you downstairs and show you around a bit before we get started."
> "Oh? Would you prefer I send my assistant up to the meeting room while we walk?"
> Anonymous motions down to you, and later you would realize there'd been a note of implied suggestion in his tone to you as well.
> In the moment, however, your guide barely spares you a glance; evidently ponies are well-beneath even his briefest consideration.
> "No, no. It's fine. She seems very well behaved. Considering your business, I'm sure she won't have any problems seeing our work."
> That comment sets off alarm bells in your head, but by that time it is already too late.
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