The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Am I okay?"
> The question is hissed between your teeth as your turn to glare at him with narrowed eyes.
> That he is slightly blurry in your vision has nothing to with anything but that.
> At all.
> Honestly.
>'re very bad at lying to yourself.
> Though your tail is trapped beneath your haunches, you can feel it trying to flick angrily.
"No, I am not 'okay'! Not okay at all!"
> You draw another shuddering breath, keeping control of the torrent of helplessness - and anger now - boiling up from within.
"What is wrong?! What in Tartarus' wretched halls do you think is going on, 'Master'?"
> He holds your gaze, though - refusing to flinch or look away.
> You are the first to break it, turning away with a disgusted scoff.
> Of course he was completely oblivious to-
> "I thought you were holding up better. That... was my mistake."
"Holding up?! Better?!"
> "Yes."
> Looking back, you find him still looking at you.
> One hand reaches out to settle on your withers, but you shove it off with a quick movement of your wing - and just as quickly replace the shawl before anyone can see.
> You don't particularly feel like letting him touch you right now.
> Anonymous stares at his hand a moment, then lets it fall with a sigh.
> "Yes, you did fool me. You managed to get through the last meeting despite being made to dress up for it, and I stayed calm through this one. I guess - I thought you had come to terms with it."
> It.
> That's all he calls what is happening to ponies.
> What happened to you.
"Oh, so the entire thing - the entire day - you don't see at all what was different? What little, teensy tiny thing might be slightly changed from the last time-"
> "Yes! Yes, I do!"
> Before you can go on his hand snaps up, a finger raised to silence you.
> "And yes. I know you can't help but feel responsible for them, even though it's completely irrational. I-"
> A groan, and the raised hand turns to slap his face and be dragged down to his chin.
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