The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Weeks pass.
> More and more often Flurry Heart accompanies you outside.
> Her fear now broken and left behind, she is only limited by the weakness of her wing muscles - atrophied from so long barely in use.
> With each day of exercise they grow stronger.
> Work... goes on.
> Spring turns to Summer, the long and hot days creeping up on you in a way that you could never quite get used to.
> Unscheduled labor
> New buildings rise, fresh roads are laid.
> Supplies are stockpiled.
> The morning of the ‘delivery’ finds you in your office; you cannot deny your nervousness, and maybe even a bit of procrastination.
> But the arrivals would wait for no pony.
> Hiding away would not make it any easier.
> Besides, you'd wanted to be a proper leader and fleeing like a terrified filly now would do no good.
> And so you force yourself to your hooves and out the door.
> Mayor Mare gives you a subtle nod from her desk as you pass it.
> "I'll be joining you in a moment, Your Highness. As soon as you bring them in to get them settled."
"Thank you, Mayor."
> Bowing your head in acknowledgement of her support, you again remind yourself how lucky you are to have her to support you.
> By the time you arrive at the front gate trucks have already arrived and are starting to be offloaded.
> Not too many, and you make it into the manor before any can spot you.
> Anonymous is just coming down the stairs when you arrive:
> "Ready, Cadance?"
"More than. Let's welcome them."
> At least he remembered his promise:
> There would be not tagging obediently at his heels this time.
> You walk at his side, head upright and a fearless expression on your face.
> Look proud, you remind yourself.
> Even if you are only welcoming ponies from one captivity into another.
> Put on a strong face and make them think that this is a better place.
> For many it might very well be.
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